Maple Logistics Management Console

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Logistics Redefined

Maple Logistics Management Console is a contract management system. Complete digital transformation for your logistics business. Available 24 hours a day, with real-time data services. Maple is compatible with all web browsers, mobile phones and tablets. Using Maple allows you to take your business on the road. Our Android app allows your drivers to check in at each of their respective loading and offloading points, with built in document scanning and uploading functions. All documents are stored in the cloud and instantly available to all the relevant parties in the supply chain.

Our Maple platform has been designed in collaboration with logistics companies and allows for the movement of dry bulk products. With complete insight into the supply chain, both product owners and financiers are able to track their product in real-time. Adjustments to any fleet or load will result in an instant notification being sent to your client, the collection point as well as the delivery point. Maple’s intelliload system allows you to create individual or bulk bookings seamlessly and efficiently. No need to create loading confirmations, the whole process is automated with our bulk mailing functions. Maple will streamline your business processes and provide reliance and simplicity to the management of multiple loads.

Maple LMC Android

Why Maple

Cloud Based
Our Maple solution is completely electronic, paperless and cloud based, accessible on any device.
Locally Supported
Thera Software is a South African development house. All products are designed and supported by us.
Realtime Data
All data is centralized and accessible immediately no need to update spreadsheets.
Process Optimization
Maple has been optimized to run collection and delivery process seamlessly from Contract to Completion.