Maple Checkpoint

Dedicated Design and Support Teams

Our local presence ensures the timeliness, cost efficiency compliance adherence required to ensure your delivery timelines are met.

CheckPoint - the cornerstone of your security.

CheckPoint has been designed in collaboration with milling, mining and storage facilities. Our platform has a full access control permit system that works within the Thera ecosystem. Checkpoint’s dashboard provides an overview of current loads for all locations as well as a drilldown function per location. Checkpoint control room provides real-time feedback on the status of each vehicle that has entered the premises, whether it be for loading or offloading.
Each vehicle is loaded into CheckPoint and assigned a slot (automatically) for the day – either via Maple LMC or through the CheckPoint portal. Upon entry to the security booth each vehicle passes through a vehicle inspection if necessary. Once the vehicle has completed its loop through the yard it may not check in again until there is an additional slot present for it. Our permit system integrates into a variety of IP cameras and is capable of doing permit scanning via QR codes. All scans and photographs are stored against the specific load and day. The weighbridge information is captured into CheckPoint and synchronized into the Thera ecosystem for use within Baobab and Maple systems.

Why CheckPoint

In the world of organised crime, not all solutions play the same role. We continuously evolve our systems to mitigate risk for product owners. CheckPoint is a custom solution designed to handle the unique South African market.
Electronic Solution
Our CheckPoint solution is completely Electronic, Paperless, Mobile and Cloud based.
Locally Supported
Thera Software is a South African development house. All products are designed and supported by us.
Realtime Data
All data is centralized and accessible immediately no need to update spreadsheets.
Process Optimization
CheckPoint has been designed to monitor the vehicle through it workflow.